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Mobile Apps & Software Development

We develop, deploy and maintain a variety of scalable technology solutions for various business types. We develop technology solutions and software which enables your business to be dynamic and flexible.

We at Eixil Technosoft believe that through continuous Innovations & Renovations, one can keep in pace with the fast evolving & changing technology. The face of technology keeps on changing every minute and hence there is essence of having a wider vision & expertize to keep your business evolve with time & technology.

From Internet to WAP, Wireless & Mobile Technology, this leap was just covered in span of 10 Years. Eixil Technosoft, due to its global presence, Diversified services and professional teams continuously tries to keep your existence competent with the evolving trends.

Our development team comprises of Domain Expert in the field of Software Development and has been part of development teams for some of the most renowned portals and software applications. We can effectively provide you with customized software solutions with our accomplished specialists, who have a history of building applications, which range from High end Software Development to Ecommerce websites.

Use our business software solutions expertise to smoothen up your processes and watch the way you conduct business transform.

Our software application development services includes Business Application Development, Custom Product Development, Custom Software, Systems Development, Internet & Intranet Applications Development, Software/Systems Re-engineering & Migration, System Analysis & Concept, Database Design & Development, Quality Control & Auditing, eCommerce Integration Services, Mathematical Software/Systems Development and more.

Over the last few decades, technology has changed the world of business and accessing information has become the key success factor. Eixil Group has set the mission to enable Companies and Businesses to maximize their business success through efficient usage of Information Technology. We have developed & offered custom solutions for Corporate Houses, Travel Industry, Hospitals, Educational Institutes and various other industries.

Eixil also deals in software auotmoation and developing plugins, themes, widgets or patches for your existing software applications.

Our Software Products and Tools

Software for Hotel ManagementHotel Management Softwares
Hospital and Clinical Management Software
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Contact Management
Document Management System (DMS & EDMS)
School Management Software
Payroll Management Software
Accounting and Inventory Management Software
Printing Inventory Software
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