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Eixil Group's strength lies in Experienced and Professional team which marks us ahead of the competitors. Each of our customer is having uniqueness in his business plans & strategy so its essential to consider their needs and develop unique solutions and tools for their business to achieve the goal. This requires lots of industry experience, professional approach and knowledge base. Our Management, Marketing, Support & development team is proficient in achieving the goal and deliver right solutions.

Eixil's Management Team and Advisory Panel has Software Professionals, Open Source Consultants, Project Co-ordinators, Technology Consultants, Advertising, Media & PR Professionals and Brand Advisory Consultants who evaluate every dimention and aspect of your Service & Business Area to provide you custom solutions.

Business Consultant & Advisor  Ms. Anuradha (CEO)
Business Analyst with experience of over 6 year(s) in Business Development & Maintaining Client Relationships. Also headed various Viral Marketing & Affiliate Marketing Leading Campaigns.
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Brand Management Consultant  Mr. Ashu Gaur (Managing Director)
Technology and Business Consultant with experience of over 10 years in providing & Implementing Custom Technology Solutions in different Business environments for various industry verticals. Apart from that have an experience of Developing Businesses in competitive environments through innovative promotion strategies.
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