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e-CMS - Content Management System - Allows you to modify Website Content Easily Provide ability to manage your own content from your end, through an admin panel that is part of your website.
This application is the perfect solution for most medium to large scale businesses websites as it provides user complete control over the content and graphics. (PHP/MySQL).

e-Online Auction Shop - Auction Management Software
Self-managed & moderated online auction of products and services with proxy automated bidding. (PHP/MySQL)

e-Newsletter - Online Newsletter Management
Increase sales and advertise cost effectively with designer newsletters and archives. (PHP/MySQL)

e-Shopping - Online Shopping Cart Management
Benefit yourself from e-commerce, sell online with self-manageable online shopping cart and accept payments online. (PHP/MySQL)

e-Enquiry / Feedback - Online Enquiry & Feedback Management Tool
Take effective feedback from your customers to improve on your offerings. (PHP/MySQL)

e-Event - Online Event Management
Setup a self-manageable event portal and promote events online. (PHP/MySQL)

e-REMS - Real Estate Management Software
Self-manage online submit & search of properties & accommodations to rent, buy or sell. (PHP/MySQL)

e-WMS- Work Flow Management Software
Manage work flow and operations in your organisation. (PHP/MySQL)

e-Classified System
Classified Web Portal. (PHP/MySQL)
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