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Expat Finder - Making Life Abroad Easier
ExpatFinder has had the chance to talk to Mr. Ashu Gaur, 36, an Indian Branding, Marketing and Business Consultant, who travels frequently to serve its clients internationally. He has been providing advisory services to start-ups and multinationals on matters such as business expansion or diversification. (Source: Expat Finder: Ashu Gaur – Expat in several countries)
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Marketing your Property Development Business
Marketing is an intrinsic part of any business development, including the property market. The property business is complex, whether in the UK domestic market or overseas. Despite the current economic downturn UK banks still advise that a well-capitalised property development business is one of the sectors that may well succeed in riding the current storm. (Source: United States Houses for Sale)
Marketing Advice to Increase your Profits
As a business owner, it can be downright overwhelming to market your company. If you are just starting out, the best way to increase your profits is to start off quite simply. There are two things you need to focus on: informing the public about your business and to encourage those individuals to become customers. (Source: Umbrella Company)
Social Media Marketing Trends By Ela Gaur, 25th March, 2011 (Bangalore, India)
Thought spread at the speed of mouse click focus the present generation of youth with the enhanced exposure of internet in daily life. This segment of consumer now spend majority of their time on this medium and for them it is the best source of information pertaining to each and everything they like. Basically internet has become bare necessity of the segment and this has changed the outlook of the way media is created and consumed.
Gaining popularity of social networking has brought in another dimension to this rapidly changing trend of internet and technology. People are getting more connected & communicative with their networks.
Technology allows them to voice their opinions at literally the speed of thought.
It is imperative for brands/ corporations to very carefully manage their brand image in this new digital space. Online reputation management becomes an integral part of a well planned Social Media Marketing exercise. The information spread at the speed of thought in the new digitalized world.
Press Release as Marketing Tool: By Ela Gaur, 29th March, 2011 (Bangalore, India)
The strategy of using press releases with online marketing is not a new one, but perhaps a forgotten one! For the newbie, Press Releases can seem rather intimidating. But do not get fooled by the simplicity and power that comes with creating and releasing your own press release.

Press release is a very cost effective way of attracting a lot of traffic as compared to links building as possibility of linking and distribution of Press Release is high as compared to the link building activities. Often link building can even damage the image of the website by linking with poor quality banned sites or irrelavant sites.

The crux for righting press release everything what we speak is not press release and relevant as news item.Press release must be about something "news-worthy". Having something important to say will only result in more readership, traffic, and syndication and selection of the press release. Not everything what is written is published as press release.

Once the press release is created, it is only a matter of syndication. There are a number of online press release companies that do this kind of service, and rather cheaply, too.

But at the end of the day, no matter how much immediate traffic your receive from the launch, the backlinks are truly what counts for future as it will create postive impact which will remain for longer duration. You may find your release on high page ranked website with a backlink pointed right back to your own site. (And remember, a link broker may charge you twice as much for a less prominent position!). The point of caution before Press Release submission being be prepared with the Website without the broken link in the website.

All in all, press releases an effecient way of building backlinks while generating large initial gains in traffic.
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